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Sweet Success for Josh Clark


Hooray for Josh Clark! His horror short story, Loving Bones, is featured in the anthology, NOM NOM: HALLOWE’EN DARK DRABBLES (edited by D. Kershaw and released Oct 1, 2022 from Black Hare Press in print and digital.)

Nom Nom, Book Cover


Hallowe’en Horrors in tiny tales.

Vampires, djinns, spirits, werewolves, trolls, banshees, elves, mummies, skeletons, carnivorous jack-o’-lanterns, evil-seeking clowns, Halloween purges, sexy-but-hungry succubi, genius loci scarecrows voraciously guarding their pumpkin patches, revenge of the Hallowe’en candies.

But don’t worry, between 100-word gory bites you’ll have a moment to catch your breath before the next soul-eating creature climbs out of the grave… Bwhahaha!  Copies may be purchased from and Tattered Cover Bookstore

Joshua Clark, AuthorABOUT THE AUTHOR

Josh Clark is a writer, graphic designer, and a bookseller. His short fiction has been published by Pikes Peak Writers, Black Hare Press, and received a Silver Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest. A writer and reader of genre fiction for adults and young adults, his life is filled with words professionally and recreationally. If he’s not writing or reading, you’re likely to find him at author events, science fiction conventions, writing conferences, or out in nature brainstorming his next novel. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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