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Coming Spring of 2023

Journey into the imaginative realm of possibilities with Pikes Peaks Writers’ anthology of short stories and poems.
Be empowered as you swim with dolphins, fall in love, meet strange new creatures, and take the road to El Tesoro.
Once you’ve been there and back again, you won’t be quite the same.
Thanks to every author who submitted to Journeys. We wish everyone could be a part of this fantastic publication. Alas, we are not able to publish a 5,000 page book. To you, we wish you all the best and hope to see your submission next time. Keep writing!!

The Authors of Journeys Into Possibility

Alicia Cay  – “ “In Her Reflection”

April Benson – “The Journey”

Robert Spiller – “The Road to El Tesoro”

Jean Alfieri – “How Far is Heaven”

D.J. Davis – “Past Possibilities”

Barbara Preslier – “The Travel Bug”

Bowen Gillings – “Bound Hounds”

Bill Bush – “Something About Mary”

John Neal – “Seafrog”

Steven Anderson – “Alice”

Jeff Schmoyer – “Heartache”

C.S. Simpson – “The Comet's Dance”

Kaitlyn Price – “The Girl and the Snake”

Wendy Oliver – “Alien Earth”

Kelley Lindberg – “Opal Under the Sky”

Marlene Fabien Stiles – “Crash Landing”

Veronica R. Calisto – “Mess”

Jessica Mehring – “Glencoe”

Bailey Finn – “Memory Lane”

Jenna MacFarlane – “Going Up”

Catherine Dilts – “Annie's Snow”