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Are you ready to go on a journey to a place you have never been before? What would you like to do? Maybe a swim with dolphins, meet strange new creatures, or see John Dillinger behind bars? You could take a trip through time, visit a new planet, or hop on a train worn with memories. The possibilities are just a page away. 

Strap in and get comfortable as we travel into the imaginative realm of possibilities. Together, we will journey into all things possible and impossible. Once you’ve been there and back again, you won’t be quite the same.

The Authors of Journeys Into Possibility

Alicia Cay – “In Her Reflection”

Alicia Cay is a writer of speculative and mystery stories. Her short fiction has appeared in Galaxy's Edge Magazine, and in several anthologies including Unmasked from WordFire Press and The Wild Hunt from Air and Nothingness Press. She suffers from wanderlust, collects quotes, and lives beneath the shadows of the Rocky Mountains with a corgi, a kitty, and a lot of fur. Find her at

April Benson – “The Journey”

April Benson is a hometown Colorado mountain girl with a deep-rooted passion for the philosophy of life and the pursuit of happiness. Much of her personal writing evolves from her love of travel and adventures across the world, ranging from cross-country U.S. road trips to European escapades. In 2022, she leveraged her writing skills in the U.S. Army to author articles on multinational combat medicine across Europe. While stationed as a soldier in Germany, she also pioneered an internal outreach program to continue the powerful narrative of saving lives on the battlefield. If you ever meet April, she will make you think twice about the meaning of life and likely rope you into her travels.

Robert Spiller – “The Road to El Tesoro”

Besides being a master of space and time, Robert Spiller is the author of the Bonnie Pinkwater mystery series: The Witch of Agnesi, A Calculated Demise, Irrational Numbers, and most recently Radical Equations and Napier's Bones. His math teacher/sleuth uses mathematics and her knowledge of historic mathematicians to solve murders in the small Colorado town of East Plains. A retired mathematician, Robert lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife Barbara.

Jean Alfieri – “How Far is Heaven”

When Jean Alfieri’s eyes locked with those of a smooshy-faced little dog who sat inside a kennel at the Humane Society, it was love! He captured her heart. She captured their many adventures in short story poems starring Zuggy the Rescue Pug. An author, speaker, and advocate for the adoption of senior dogs, she and her husband currently live with their three fur kids in Colorado. They joke that although the humans pay the mortgage, it’s really the dogs’ house! Jean finds much of her writing inspiration from her “vintage puppies” and work at the Pikes Peak Humane Society.

D.J. Davis – “Past Possibilities”

DJ Davis is a Colorado native with mountains in her DNA. She is obsessed with the forests, lakes, and craggy peaks. The rugged high country and rich history of the state set the scene for her stories. When she’s not writing or photographing the wildlife, she frequently disappears into the wilderness with her husband and dogs. You can find her at Mountains of Success.

Barbara Preslier – “The Travel Bug”

Barbara Preslier grew up frolicking on the beaches of Miami, Florida. She graduated with an English degree from Colgate University in NY, and continued on to the Goldman School of Dentistry in MA. She practiced general and forensic dentistry in South Florida for over thirty years. After raising twin daughters, she retired and moved to Colorado with her husband. She has focused on her writing career, and is currently finishing her fourth novel. Her publications include short stories and professional journal articles. When not toiling at her desk, she enjoys geocaching, crocheting and traveling. 

Bowen Gillings – “Bound Hounds”

Bowen Gillingsis an award-winning author who writes to bring more joy into the world. His debut novella A Night to Remember reached #9 on’s Top 100 for its subgenre. His work is featured in Fresh Starts anthology, Allegory e-zine, and on Stories Live! and Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing YouTube channels. He is an active member and former president of Pikes Peak Writers and a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and The League of Utah Writers. He holds a Master of Education plus five martial arts black belt certifications, is an Army veteran, loves travel, cooking, and a fine adult beverage. He lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter. Follow him on Facebook at BowenGillingsAuthor and learn more at    

Bill Bush – “Something About Mary

Bill Bush grew up in Yates Center, Kansas, and is a graduate of Yates Center High School and Tabor College, where he earned a Master's degree in Accounting. He is a dad, runner and pickleball players as well as a writer. His desire to write comes from his mom, Phyllis Roth Lewis, who was a published author and wrote numerous short stories, poems, and books. He took a step toward becoming a full-time fiction author in 2018 by joining Kansas Publishing Venture as a newspaper reporter. Now he writes nonfiction during the day and fiction at night. 

You can learn more about Bill at or, his publishing company.

John Neal – “Seafrog”

John Arthur Neal would first like to thank Deborah L. Brewer, editor of the anthology. Debby made Seafrog much more readable. John has written three SF novels and is drafting the 6th novel of his Collinsville Crime Series. He has also written two novellas, twenty-one short stories, and several screenplays. His college thesis was a novelette, and he later completed a Writer’s Digest correspondence course. John participated in two critique groups over the years and has attended hundreds of seminars. He seeks agent representation for his novels and is submitting stories to contests and magazines. Feel free to visit

Steven Anderson – “Alice

Steven Anderson is the author of the Reunification series of science fiction adventure-romances and other speculative tales. A passionate fan of science fiction since age six, Steve began creating his own worlds once he was old enough to pick up a crayon.  He put his creative skills to work as an aerospace IT professional for many years before writing full-time. Steve lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and an aging collection of parts that’s sometimes a car. He can often be found somewhere in the Rockies exploring local history and scenic wonders.

Jeff Schmoyer – “Heartache”

Jeff Schmoyer sequences words to create short stories, novellas, plays, and computer programs. A recovering tech entrepreneur, he tries to find humor in the everyday world around him. Find more at

C.S. Simpson – “The Comet's Dance”

CS Simpson is a multi-genre author of several short stories, a novel, and even a little poetry. She self-published a fable (digital-only), and one of her short stories has appeared in Shoreline of Infinity 19.
In addition to reading and writing, CS loves music, movies, and spending time outdoors with her husband and dog under the Colorado skies she calls home. WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram

KK Quinn – “The Girl and the Snake”

KK Quinn resides in Colorado with her husband, two dogs, three cats, a hamster, and a fish. She writes Fantasy and Sci-fi with a strong passion for world-building. When she's not writing or reading, she spends her time gardening or making home-made soap.

Wendy Oliver – “Alien Earth”

Wendy Oliver has broad interests, from astronomy to Zelda, which are reflected in her writing. She’s written a couple middle grade novels, romances, sci-fi stories, blogs for multiple non-profits, and dozens of newspaper articles. Wendy sings, plays oboe, hikes in the mountains, and travels. For fun, she dresses up in medieval clothing and recreates historical crafts. She also works for the US Forest Service.

Wendy lives in the Colorado mountains with her husband and dog, plus the deer, pinyon jays, and occasional bald eagle that hang out nearby. At night, she’s often outside gazing at the stars.


Kelley Lindberg – “Opal Under the Sky”

Kelley J. P. Lindberg writes award-winning YA and adult fiction, and sometimes admits to having written several best-selling how-to books in her early career. Her fiction and essays have appeared in literary magazines such as The Baltimore ReviewThe Citron Review, and 99 Pine Street; in anthologies including Bizarre Bazaar and Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover’s Soul; and in the Tellables app for the Amazon Alexa platform. She has received awards from the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Gold Rush Literary Awards, the YARWA Rosemary Awards (Romance Writers of America), and the Utah Original Writing Competition. When she isn’t writing from her home in Colorado, she’s traveling as far and as often as she can. Visit her at or follow her on Twitter at @KelleyLindberg1.

Marlene Fabien Stiles – “Crash Landing”

Marlene Fabian-Stiles enjoys writing in multiple genres and has published a science fiction novel “Moon Life” in partnership with her geneticist brother Hank as well as a first person Alzheimer’s account “Elderchild” based heavily on personal experience. She and writing partner Alice Hill will be publishing their children’s book “Tulip-o-mania” and “Sistors,” a narrative of sibling rivalry. Marlene also publishes short stories and poetry on

Veronica R. Calisto – “Mess”

Veronica R. Calisto (she/her) is a massage therapist, an alto, a writer of speculative fiction, and a big nerd. One of those rare Colorado natives, she has a degree in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and is a two-time American Idol reject. Veronica is best described as a walking musical who might also be a figment of her own imagination. She is the author of several books including Diary of a Mad Black Witch and the first two in the SparkleTits Chronicles series.

Jessica Mehring – “Glencoe”

Jessica Mehring is a Colorado-based author, copywriter and entrepreneur. She believes that history and nature are our greatest teachers, yet she is also endlessly fascinated by technology and the human brain. She loves reading, walks in the woods, and creating and collecting art. She lives with her husband, two daughters, and more pets than she'd like to admit to — and her growing collection of books and office supplies are slowly taking over their house.

You can connect with Jessica at

Bailey Finn – “Memory Lane

Bailey Finn is a speculative fiction author who enjoys stories that bring magic into the mundane. She works full-time in crisis intervention helping families through the worst of times. When Bailey is not helping those in need, she enjoys ballroom dancing and getting the gang together for a round of tabletop gaming. Bailey resides in Colorado Springs and is a member of Pikes Peak Writers where she is always happy to connect with fellow authors and readers, as well as dancers and gamers.

Jenna MacFarlane – “Going Up”

Being a late bloomer in nearly every regard, Jenna MacFarlane got her start writing short stories in her thirties. Years later, her short story, Old Debt was published in 2017 in the anthology It’s About Time.

In 2019, while on a road trip in the west, MacFarlane penned her first draft of the novel Hardware Stories. Having experienced some of the trials as protagonist Claire, a misplaced westerner working at a southern hardware store, MacFarlane was inspired to bring the characters to life and make good on a lifelong promise to publish. She has plans to adapt the novel to a screenplay.

MacFarlane’s first book, Hindsight will publish in 2023. Hindsight is a memoir detailing MacFarlane’s long road to love and is an inspiration for the indie film Adopting Audrey which premiered in August 2022.

Catherine Dilts – “Annie's Snow”

Catherine Dilts prefers writing cozy mysteries and short stories surrounded by flowers on her sunny deck, but any day – and anywhere – spent writing is a good day. The first in her new Rose Creek series, The Body in the Cattails, has a May 2023 release date. Author of the Rock Shop Mystery series and the stand-alone Survive Or Die with Encircle Publications, Catherine also writes for Annie’s Fiction, contributing three books for the Secrets of the Castleton Manor Library series, and two for the Annie’s Museum of Mysteries series. Her short story Claire's Cabin appears in the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine March/April 2023 issue.

The Editors of Journeys Into Possiblity

KJ Scrim, author

Project Manager, Editor – Kathie Scrimgeour

Kathie writes under the pseudonym KJ Scrim. She has been the Project manager for PPW’s first three anthologies, Fresh Starts, Dream, and Journeys into Possibility. In addition, she serves as secretary on the Board of Directors with PPW, was the previous Manager Editor of Writing from the Peak (PPW’s blog) and has been a long-time volunteer at their annual conference held in Colorado Springs. You can follow her on her website, and on Facebook. When she’s not writing you can find her somewhere in Arizona biking, hiking, or rock climbing.

Assistant Project Manager, Editor – Kim Olgren

Like many writers, Kim Olgren is a voracious reader. She’s worn many hats, but writing has been her constant companion. In her “free” time she is a house renovator, PPW volunteer, maker, traveler, and loves hanging out with her family and faithful sofa wolf. She is a published mystery writer but writes in many genres.

Kim has been a volunteer with Pikes Peak Writers since 2018. In addition to her duties as board president, she has been the editor of the PPW newsletter, non-conference events director, and is a contributor to Writing from the Peak, the PPW blog.

Deborah Brewer, Headshot

Editor – Deborah Brewer

Deborah joined Pikes Peak Writers a decade ago, seeking help with a cozy mystery. When the novel was completed, she stayed for the camaraderie. Now she’s writing short stories. An editor for the PPW 2022 anthology,  Dream, Deborah contributes to Writing from the Peak to help fellow PPW members write better with more enjoyment, and ultimately, achieve their writing dreams.

Cover Designer – Josh Clark

Josh Clark is a writer, graphic designer, and bookseller. His short fiction has been published by Pikes Peak Writers, Black Hare Press, Trembling with Fear, and received a Silver Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest. As a graphic designer, Josh has worked at the Professional Bull Riders, a local newspaper, an automotive advertising agency, and as a freelancer. His life is filled with words professionally and recreationally, so if he's not writing or reading you're likely to find him at author events, science fiction conventions, writing conferences, or out in nature brainstorming his next novel.

You can find him on Twitter @joshofclark