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A Tiny Taste of Theme

By Johnny Worthen My academic career was not in writing but in criticism. When I turned my powers to evil and became a writer, I used my knowledge of the inner layers of literature to create more. Thus I’ve written in more genres than any modern author should be allowed, […]

Show and Tell For Beginners

by Sam Knight Show, don’t tell, they say. And then you ask what that means, they ramble off into infinity, citing works and authors you’ve never heard of, sometimes giving their favorite examples, but they never really answer you. Probably because they can’t show you how to do it without […]

Breaking Free

By Catherine Dilts Certain stages in life are clearly defined. Birth. School graduations. Weddings. They occur at a specific date and time. Retirement has been harder for me to pin down. My husband is still active in his career, working remotely for a medical device company. When my day job […]

Eyes on Your Prize

(or The Importance of Having Your Story Read by a Bunch of Other People Before You Submit it for Publication) By Bowen Gillings You’ve written THE END. You did your editorial pass-through once, twice, maybe ten times or more, so you’re darn sure that story is ready for the world […]

Why I submit to the PPW Anthology

By Marlene Fabian Stiles Every writer has gems of ideas whirling around their heads like electrons circling a nucleus. The Pikes Peak Writers’ Anthology project offers the unique opportunity to develop one of these germinating ideas into a compelling short story and who knows, it could be the genesis of […]

A Chat with Laura Hayden, Multi-Genre Author and Bookseller

An Interview by Deborah L. Brewer A multi-genre author of fifteen novels and many short stories, Laura Hayden wears many hats in the publishing industry. Besides being an author, she is also the owner of the online and mobile bookshop Author, Author! providing bookstore services for writing and author events, […]

Inspiration in the Public Domain

One of the most frequently asked questions authors receive is, “Where do you get ideas for your stories?” To which the answer is most often, “I don’t know.”  Ideas come from all sorts of places: snippets of conversation, a misspoken word, an old telescope in your closet. Sometimes writers ponder […]

2024 Marketing Trends Every Author Needs to Know to Sell Books

By Jenny Kate In the ever-changing landscape of book marketing, staying abreast of the latest trends is crucial for authors. As we step into 2024, it’s evident that the strategies employed to promote books have undergone significant shifts compared to the previous year. A recent survey conducted by the Written […]

Writer, You’ve Got This

By Deborah Brewer I don’t know about you but my writing goals for this new year are going to take some doing. But writers, we’ve got this. When facing a challenge, a little encouragement of the right sort never hurts, so I’ve revisited the advice books of a few well-regarded […]

Habits for a Successful Writing Year

So, you want to write a book. Or perhaps you’ve written one and would like to write more. Where should you start? How can you make this writing year your most productive yet?  Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned writer with multiple books in print, these five habits will […]

A Few New Year Reminders

Here we are! The last week of 2023. We’ve had a great year here at Writing from the Peak; readership traverses ten countries! Many thanks to our contributors again for sharing their vast knowledge and expertise. It’s exceptional working with and getting to know each of you. I can’t wait to […]

Why Do I Keep Coming Back?

Each year Pikes Peaks Writers asks conference attendees for their feedback. If you’re wondering what makes the Pikes Peak Writers Conference special, Dear Readers, I introduce you to Jenna MacFarlane. Jenna is a member of Pikes Peak Writers and the author of Hardware Stories and her memoir, Hindsight. Thank you, […]

Marketing for Introverts – Part 6

By Donna Schlachter Networking and Online Author Groups Marketing—arrgh! Groups—double arrgh! When it comes to being a writer, I know I need to get out there. Get my books in front of readers. Get my projects in front of publishers or agents. Connect with other writers. Pay it forward, so […]

Mindset for Writers

What is Mindset?  Merriam-Webster defines mindset as “a mental attitude or inclination.”  It’s the way you tend to think about things. Your mindset can be positive or negative or somewhere in between. It can change from season to season or situation to situation. But the thing is, you can control it.  […]

Reviews are Part of Your Role as a Writer

By Bowen Gillings The job of an author contains a load of responsibilities beyond putting words on the page. Every author must revise, get edited, network, promote, and run a business—and seek out cover artists, contests, conferences, and conventions. We must read to understand where our stories fit in our […]


From the Editor Hello, Dear Writers, It’s a busy time of year for many of us. Lots of Holidays are just around the bend. I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to slow down and take it all in and also to let you know that we are […]

“That” as a Filler Word

By Sam Knight Filler words, also known as null words, are words that add no meaning to a sentence. They are extra, useless things, like raisins in cookies. Just kidding. I don’t like them, but some people do. I mention that because the same is true of filler words. Some […]

Proofing the Proof

There is more to proofing a book than just reading the story. At some point in every writer’s career, you’ll be asked to proof a final version of your work. Sure, you’ll have various editors doing this, but you’ll need to be a part of it, too. After all, it’s […]

Writing is Scary

By Deborah L. Brewer Writers know it’s hard to materialize a phantasm into words that fully express all it means to us. It’s not merely clarifying our thoughts that proves difficult; it’s facing our feelings. The dream about being naked on a school bus and the story about the emperor’s […]

The Why, How, and Which of Writing Contests

by Kim Olgren Why Enter a Writing Contest Humans have been creating contests since the dawn of time. Olympic athletes, your local sports teams, and every game show on TV are all forms of contests. However, the competitors in these contests all have one thing in common. Some kind of […]

Marketing for Introverts – Part 5

By Donna Schlachter Reaching Readers without Leaving Your House Paid and Free Promotions Promotions—for most authors, mention that word, and they start rolling their eyes and backing away. Inherently, we don’t like promotions. It feels—well, like we’re trying to sell something that nobody wants. It makes us feel sleazy, like […]

On Writing Children’s Horror

By Trista Herring Baughman Hello, Dear Readers! Autumn has arrived, and once again, I’m cranking up the spooky tunes, baking my favorite Fall treats with the kids, and watching my favorite Spooky-season movies. Of course, all of this leads to telling scary stories. We read them (The Scariest Stories You’ve […]

Write Like a Pirate

Ahoy, scallywags—er, mateys! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, savvy?  A Bit o’ History In 1995, friends John Baur (AKA “Ol’ Chumbucket”) and Mark Summers (AKA “Cap’n Slappy”), decided to create this quirky, fun holiday dedicated to celebrating pirate culture. Ever since then on September 19 each year, everyone, […]

Character Profiling — Are You Missing the Spark?

By: K.J. Scrim Do your characters seem to be missing that spark? Are they feeling flat as the paper they are being written on? Maybe you need to do an in-depth profile of that character. You already did one? You might consider refreshing it. Get into your character’s mind Character […]

A Chat with Carol Berg, Fantasy Fiction Author

An Interview by Deborah L. Brewer Fantasy Fiction explores magic and supernatural elements, set in imaginative worlds. When we think of Fantasy, series such as J. R. R. Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring and George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, naturally come to mind. But the Fantasy genre encompasses […]

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