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Writing from the Peak Archive

It's time to turn up your phobophilia

19 Days ’til Halloween

By: Trista Herring Baughman Countdown to the most spectacular time of the year-the Spooky Season crowning moment-has begun.  If I’m honest, it started last year […]

What is your why?

Remember Your Why

By: Margena Holmes When I brought up the idea for this blog to the editor, she was all for it, saying, “Maybe it will motivate […]

How do YOU set your Deadline?

Writing Under Deadlines

By; Donna Schlachter (previously published in Writing Nuggets of Gold) There are two kinds of deadlines. In the writing world, there are two kinds of […]

Do your body parts rove?

Roving Body Parts

By: Terry Odell I recently read a blog with a firm stance on how to deal with body parts. I don’t entirely agree. I don’t […]

Proofing the Proof

There is more to proofing a book than just reading the story. By: Darby Karchut At some point in every writer’s career, you’ll be asked […]

How are your Time Warps and Misplaced Modifiers?

Beware the “ING” Construction

Time Warps. Misplaced Modifiers. By; Terry Odell You don’t have to read science fiction to run into a time warp. At the very first writer’s […]

It's not about where you write, but that you do write.

Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

By Leeann Betts (excerpt from Nuggets of Writing Gold) I keep promising myself that one of these years, I’m going to enjoy summer. Instead of […]