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Writing from the Peak Archive

How are your Time Warps and Misplaced Modifiers?

Beware the “ING” Construction

Time Warps. Misplaced Modifiers. By; Terry Odell You don’t have to read science fiction to run into a time warp. At the very first writer’s […]

It's not about where you write, but that you do write.

Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

By Leeann Betts (excerpt from Nuggets of Writing Gold) I keep promising myself that one of these years, I’m going to enjoy summer. Instead of […]

Compatibility is Key for Co-authors

Who Wants to be the Indented Author?

By: John B. Roberts, II Surf camp in Costa Rica is a funny place to realize you need a co-author. I was unsuccessfully trying to […]

A newsletter keeps you and your books in your readers mind.

Why Writers Need Newsletters

By Christina Lorenzen Most writers spend hours every day on social media, whether Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Spending so much time, one would think social […]

What do you write?

Find Your Story

By: Leeann Betts. Without considering genre, time period, or elevator pitch, ask yourself, “What do I write?”

Make then turn the page!

Tension and Cliffhangers

By: Terry Odell When we’re writing, we want the reader to keep turning pages. There are lots of ways to do this. Donald Maass speaks […]

Conference is over - Now What?

Post-Conference Check In

This week we have two articles that take a look at Post-Conference. The first from Kim Krisco shares his thoughts on his first conference experience, […]

Don't be afraid to abandon one story idea for another.

The Challenge to Write

Writing a book rarely happens in a vacuum. We get an idea, a nugget of dialog, perhaps a snippet of setting, maybe even a title, […]

Use all the senses in your story.

Write with All Five Senses

By: Terry Odell As writers, we’re encouraged to include all five senses in our writing. Most of us are guilty of relying too heavily on […]

Give readers a reason to follow you.

How’s Your Instagram Game?

Facebook bought Instagram for a cool $1 billion, and put its juggernaut of an advertising platform behind it. For that reason alone, it’s worth a […]

Pikes Peak Writers Conference logo - 2021

Writing Conferences are a Must!

By: K.J. Scrim No matter where you are in your writing career you should attend at least one writing conference every year. For every writer […]

Cover Design and Self Publishing

Producing a Novel – Part 12

Cover Design and Self Publishing By Donna Schlachter Cover Design Research tells us we have less than five seconds to capture our reader’s attention, and […]

Everyone should write for an anthology

Anthologies – What, Why, How?

By: Kathie Scrimgeour With PPW’s new anthology, FRESH STARTS, publishing today it seemed appropriate to talk a little about anthologies. Back in August I wrote a […]

How to perform surgery on your manuscript before you submit it.

Surgery for Your Manuscript

By: Terry Odell Whether you’re traditionally published, indie published, or working on getting published, you want to present the best possible reading experience. I edit […]

Now it's time to make your prose shine

Producing a Novel – Part 11

Self-Editing By Donna Schlachter Okay, you’re getting close to the end of writing your book. You’ve checked the character arcs, the plot lines, sub-plots are […]

9 Newsletter for Writers

9 Newsletters for Writers

By: Jenny Kate There are so many reader newsletters out there that it is hard to keep up with. I know you keep asking yourself: […]

Tips for naming your characters.

What’s in a Name?

Tips for Naming Characters By: Terry Odell Naming characters has always been a challenge for me. It seems my creativity comes to a screeching halt […]

Where is your writing time going?

Can You Spare a Few Minutes?

By: Margena Holmes When I decided to write this blog I thought, “How can I—a person who doesn’t manage her time very well—write this?” Well, […]

Show - Don't Tell

Resist the Urge to Explain

By: Terry Odell When I began writing, my crit partners would often return my pages with passages labeled R.U.E: Resist the Urge to Explain. I […]

Your Quick Guide to Writing a Series

Producing a Novel – Part 10

Writing a Series By Donna Schlachter As with all of the posts in this series, the information below is only a summary of how to […]

Writing in a journal teaches you to put thoughts down on a page.

How to Keep a Writer’s Journal

By: DeAnna Knippling Learning changes your brain, and it can, at times, feel exhausting. Don’t give up when things look their worst—because you might be […]

Improv Writing for Better Writing

Or – How to love not knowing what the hell you’re doing. By: Bowen Gillings I am a huge fan of Pikes Peak Writers’s Write […]