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Writing from the Peak Archive

Avoid Deus ex Machina with Foreshadowing

By: Terry Odell When you write, you’re likely to be throwing a lot of obstacles in the paths of your characters. You’ll be giving them […]

Wishing You the Best!

It is finally happening! The day we have all (at least most of us) have been looking forward to – the end of 2020. Even […]

Producing a Novel – Part 9

Racing to the Finish By: Donna Schlachter We’ve covered a lot of ground so far as we discover the steps and craft elements needed to […]

How Can Flash Fiction Improve Your Writing?

By: Tammila Wright Flash fiction fascinates me. Some think of these micro-stories as sloppy attempts at writing. But I am consistently blown away by these […]

Top 10 SEO Tips for Writers

DeAnna Knippling talks about the easiest, most no-brainer sales writing for a fiction writer: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

How to Write Female Characters

(if you’re a guy) By: Jason Evans When I read fiction written by men I sometimes am surprised by how bad the female characters are […]


By: Kathie Scrimgeour It’s that time of year when writers around the world go a little crazy by attempting to write a 50,000 word novel […]

Villain Checklist

By: Brittany Lawrence Villains, we love to hate them. When building a villain, I ask myself these five questions. 1. Are they convinced they’re the […]

Producing a Novel – Part 8

Overcoming the Middle Muddle By: Donna Schlachter The Middle of Your Novel The middle of your novel comprises about 60% of your book and is […]

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Pro Writing Aid – A Review

By Jenny Kate Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Grammarly. It’s a nice little program to proofread your work. I mean, […]

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The Best Writing Software

9 Writing Tools for Authors to Create, Organize, and Edit By: Jennifer Wilson Finding the software that works best for you is a great debate […]

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Misconceptions of Self-Publishing

By: Margena Holmes In this day and age there are many ways a writer can become a published author. There’s the traditional way of submitting […]

Producing a Novel – Part 7

By: Donna Schlachter Outlining Your Book I know. I can see some of you out there rolling your eyes at the title of this installment. […]

How to Write Characters Outside Your Culture

By: Jason Henry Evans For many years I have taught a class at writing conventions called, “How to Write Authentic African-American Characters.” Today I will […]

Pandemic Productivity

By: Brittany Lawrence Have you been less productive lately? Many creatives are feeling your pain. Here are a few ways to get back at it. […]

Producing a Novel – Part 6

Character and Story Arc By Donna Schlachter So, you have a story idea, a couple of characters that just won’t leave you alone. You’ve come […]

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Space Opera

Can you hum a few lines? By: Margena Holmes Whenever I’m asked what I write and I tell them space opera, I either get a […]

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How to Write the Other Queer Character

By: Jason Evans We have returned for the second part of our conversation with queer authors Nonir Amicitia and Olivia Wylie. (Read Part-1 HERE). Jason: […]

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Producing a Novel – Part 5

Hooking Your Readers By Donna Schlachter Writing a novel is a lot like fly fishing: you tease, you tantalize, you toss your quarry a tidbit, […]

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Setting Writing Goals

By: Tammila Wright Think back to New Year’s Day. We were optimistic. Were you setting goals with your writing in mind? I was. Armed with […]

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What’s in Your Planner?

By: Margena Holmes Okay, show of hands—who bought a planner (or you have one on your device) expecting to put all sorts of fun writing […]

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How to Write the Other Queer Character

Part 1 By: Jason Evans Jason Evans recently interviewed two queer authors, Nonir Amicitia and Olivia Wylie who discussed writing the queer character. Jason: Please […]