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Writing from the Peak – general blog

A Chat with Catherine Dilts

An Interview by Deborah L. Brewer When I think of cozy mysteries, I often think of bookshops, tea time, quaint towns, and cats. But cozies, […]

A Tiny Taste of Theme

By Johnny Worthen My academic career was not in writing but in criticism. When I turned my powers to evil and became a writer, I […]

Show and Tell For Beginners

by Sam Knight Show, don’t tell, they say. And then you ask what that means, they ramble off into infinity, citing works and authors you’ve […]

Breaking Free

By Catherine Dilts Certain stages in life are clearly defined. Birth. School graduations. Weddings. They occur at a specific date and time. Retirement has been […]

Eyes on Your Prize

(or The Importance of Having Your Story Read by a Bunch of Other People Before You Submit it for Publication) By Bowen Gillings You’ve written […]

Why I submit to the PPW Anthology

By Marlene Fabian Stiles Every writer has gems of ideas whirling around their heads like electrons circling a nucleus. The Pikes Peak Writers’ Anthology project […]

Inspiration in the Public Domain

One of the most frequently asked questions authors receive is, “Where do you get ideas for your stories?” To which the answer is most often, […]

Writer, You’ve Got This

By Deborah Brewer I don’t know about you but my writing goals for this new year are going to take some doing. But writers, we’ve […]