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Sweet Success Archive

Dream, Cover

Sweet Success for Pikes Peak Writers

Dream is here!  After a year of tireless work, the editors – Edward Raetz, Debora L. Brewer, Kathie Scrimgeour, and Jenny Kate – are proud […]

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Sweet Success for Jenna MacFarlane

Congratulations to Jenna MacFarlane on the recent release of her first novel, HARDWARE STORIES. This mystery features an awkward female hardware store clerk and one […]

Kelley Lindberg

Sweet Success for Kelley Lindberg

By: Darby Karchut Yay for this happy news! Kelley J. P. Lindberg is pleased to announce that she is now represented by Lynnette Novak at […]

Sweet Success for Fleur Bradley

Sweet Success is coordinated by Darby Karchut who is an award-winning author, dreamer, and compulsive dawn greeter. A proud native of New Mexico, she now lives in […]

Sweet Success for J.D.R. Hawkins

By: Darby Karchut Congratulations to J.D.R. Hawkins! She recently participated in the anthology, SUCCESS MINDSETS, from Leaders Press and edited by Alinka Rutlowska. The book […]

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Introducing the Authors!

Pikes Peak Writers and the editors of, Dream, are proud to introduce the twenty-seven authors selected for this second anthology. Congratulations to everyone! Click here […]

The Business of Short Stories

Sweet Success for Shannon Lawrence

By: Darby Karchut Congratulations to Shannon Lawrence on the upcoming release of her non-fiction book, THE BUSINESS OF SHORT STORIES: Writing, Submitting, Publishing and Marketing […]

Alfred Hitchcock Magazine, cover

Sweet Success for Catherine Dilts

By: Darby Karchut Congratulations to Catherine Dilts! Her short story, “HazMat Holiday,” will be featured in the January/February 2022 Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. The magazine […]

Shadow Atlas, cover

Sweet Success for Hillary Dodge

By: Darby Karchut Congratulations to Hillary Dodge on the recent release of the anthology, SHADOW ATLAS: DARK LANDSCAPES OF THE AMERICAS, edited by Carina Bissett, […]

Kato's Grand Adventure

Sweet Success for Jasmine and Jim Tritten

Cheers for this dynamic duo. Jasmine and Jim Tritten are happy to share their most recentsuccess: the recent release of the second edition of KATO’S […]

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Join PPW’s Writing Community!

Wow. Another year has gone by in a flash. So many things have happened this year here at PPW: our first anthology, Fresh Starts was […]

It is OK to pause your writing when life throws you a curve ball

Writing in the Midst of Life

By: Donna Schlachter Sometimes it seems as though we are inundated with writing help, encouragement to write, conferences to attend, deadlines to meet. And all […]

54,422 Words- One Writer's Journey through NaNoWriMo

What Just Happened?

An Incomplete Journey of a NaNoWriMo Newbie – Part 2 By: Benjamin X. Wretlind Journal Entry: NaNoWriMo 2021 Day 1: And So It Begins… The […]

Collect words like a magpie collects treasure!

Be a Magpie

By: Trista Herring Baughman Or a Raven. Or a Rook. Even a crow. Any of the corvids will do. These perspicacious creatures are said to […]

Have a Happy Day!!

Happy Day!

From the Editor Here in the U.S. we are about ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is a time that we come together to celebrate our […]

If you don't try, you won't succeed.

What Just Happened?

An Incomplete Journey of a NaNoWriMo Newbie – Part 1 By: Benjamin X. Wretlind Journal Entry: NaNoWriMo 2021 T-Minus 38 Days: The Decision The National […]

NaNoWriMo Logo


By: Kathie Scrimgeour Are you doing NaNo? Do you know what day it is? How are your fingers holding up? Had a shower recently? Where […]

What's Your Hobby?

Dear Writer, You Need a Hobby

By: Kim Olgren Stephen King does jigsaw puzzles, plays guitar, and bowls. Emily Dickenson loved baking. Agatha Christie traveled with her husband. E. Cummings painted. […]

Find Your Passion

A Passion for THIS Story

By: Donna Schlachter (previously published in Writing Nuggets of Gold) In a recent conversation with my agent, she mentioned she talks to editors occasionally who […]

NaNoWriMo Logo

NaNoWriMo – Not Just for Aspiring Authors

By: Catherine Dilts NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – is primarily touted as an exercise to drive aspiring authors to write 50,000 words. Hitting […]

It's time to turn up your phobophilia

19 Days ’til Halloween

By: Trista Herring Baughman Countdown to the most spectacular time of the year-the Spooky Season crowning moment-has begun.  If I’m honest, it started last year […]

Creating Atmosphere with Atmosphere

By: Benjamin X. Wretlind For 20 years or so, I studied the atmosphere and forecasted the weather. While I spent a vast majority of my […]

What is your why?

Remember Your Why

By: Margena Holmes When I brought up the idea for this blog to the editor, she was all for it, saying, “Maybe it will motivate […]

How do YOU set your Deadline?

Writing Under Deadlines

By; Donna Schlachter (previously published in Writing Nuggets of Gold) There are two kinds of deadlines. In the writing world, there are two kinds of […]