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The Thriving Writers Toolkit: Insights and Inspiration


January’s Write Brain with Michelle Major and Lana Williams

As a good friend of mine once said, “Sometimes life is one big flea.” Halfway through January, rather than sailing along on a wave of resolute intention, I was struggling to keep my balance. A few weeks before, a loved one’s health crisis combined with the general holiday chaos shattered my plan of finishing the first draft of my current novel by New Year’s Eve. My cherished writing schedule, variables refined over months of trial and error — Earl Grey tea, cool jazz on Pandora, laundry break halfway through — evaporated just like that.

January’s Write Brain helped provide a sorely needed reset for my careworn psyche. Co-presenters Michelle Major and Lana Williams provided a wide variety of strategies to stay focused and in the mindset to produce. More importantly, the two accomplished writers stressed the idea that committing to your dream is an ongoing process. Learning how to enhance your creativity and stay sane along the way is vital to this endeavor.

As Lana and Michelle suggested, try telling yourself that you “get” to write, rather than you “have to write.” Doing so helped me to remember how fortunate I am to have the luxury to indulge in this messy, frustrating, and ultimately joyous creative pursuit at all.

Michelle Major is a best-selling, RITA award-winning author of over twenty sexy and sweet contemporary romances. Visit her website at for life, love, and happy endings. Lana Williams is a USA Today Bestselling and Amazon All-Star author. Her books are intriguingly described as “Historical romance filled with adventure, mystery and a pinch of paranormal.” Learn more at

Robin LabordeThis recap from Write Brain is presented by Robin Laborde, Contributing Editor. Robin is not sure exactly how long she has been a member of Pikes Peak Writers but she enjoys it very much. She worked as a technical writer for over ten years and has had nonfiction articles published in newspapers and magazines. While she is currently writing a speculative fiction novel set in the near future, she dreams of flying to the moon in a spaceship made from butterfly wings.

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