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Why I submit to the PPW Anthology


By Marlene Fabian Stiles

Every writer has gems of ideas whirling around their heads like electrons circling a nucleus. The Pikes Peak Writers’ Anthology project offers the unique opportunity to develop one of these germinating ideas into a compelling short story and who knows, it could be the genesis of your next book.

Initially, writing is a solitary art but we rely on a team of beta readers and editors to polish a piece until it shines with its full potential. I am personally indebted to Pikes Peak Writers for providing a top-notch editor, Debby Brewer, who provided excellent suggestions for expanding the story arcs in both “Computer Genie” (which appeared in the “Dream” anthology) and “Crash Landing” (published in “Journeys Into Possibility.”) Working with Debby was an added perk and both stories were greatly improved thanks to her diligence.

Having a story accepted for publication is an adrenaline rush like having a sugarplum Christmas and your best birthday celebration rolled into one exhilarating moment. But more than that, submitting a story supports our remarkable writers’ organization which does so much to support us.

I will start working on a submission for the next anthology as soon as the theme is announced. I hope you will, too!

The Law of Unintended Consequences is a theme in all of Marlene’s work. To date, she and her geneticist brother Dr. Hank Fabian have co-authored “Moon Life,” a science fiction adventure detailing a search for extraterrestrial life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. She has also published a first-person POV novella “Elderchild” detailing an Alzheimer’s patient’s descent into the rabbit hole of past time melting into the present, as well as a poetry collection, “Survival Poems to Help You Through the Day.” Marlene and her longtime writing partner Alice Hill have written two regionally produced plays and are currently editing a novel based on the interaction of humans and wildlife. As president of the nonprofit The I Will Projects, Marlene also promotes environmental sustainability through education.

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