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Going Wide-ish

by Jeff Schmoyer You may have heard the term “going wide” regarding self-publishing. This means making your title available in as many places as possible, rather than taking an easy (sort of) route and only publishing on Amazon. Amazon can get your masterpiece into the world in eBook, softback, and […]

Change and Grow – 6 Small Changes

By Deborah Courtney   If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. — Gail Sheehy   Growth and change feel uncomfortable. Because of that most people avoid them. Like the plague. And they end up on a path that feels meaningless and repetitive. […]

Mind Mapping Your Story

by Trista Herring Baughman What is Mind Mapping? At some point in your school days, you learned about mind mapping. You might have tucked the knowledge away, back in the warehouse of your brain on a dusty shelf, or perhaps you still use it today. If it’s the former, let […]

Marketing for Introverts – Part 3

By Donna Schlachter Reaching Readers without Leaving Your House Newsletters Back in the day, newsletters were printed, folded (or stuffed in an envelope), hand-addressed, and mailed to recipients. “Desktop Publishing” was a term bandied about when computers got involved, instead of mimeograph machines. And now, most newsletters are digital. Unless […]

Paragraphically Speaking

By Deborah Brewer As writers, we dream of readers lost for hours in our carefully crafted story worlds. But if we don’t master the paragraph, we may lose our readers to confusion. Fine-tuning a paragraph can be frustrating work, but it’s the writer’s job to communicate clearly, not the reader’s […]

I Wrote Every Day for One Year—Here’s What I Learned

By Margena Holmes A writing coach friend of mine, Christine Whitmarsh, has a daily podcast called Your Daily Writing Habit, where she gives tips to follow to establish good writing habits. Her pillars that she focuses on are writing fundamentals, productivity, and mindset habits. In March 2022, I decided that […]

A Chat with Bryan Cohen

Hello, Dear Readers,  Let me tell you about an amazing resource I stumbled across a while ago, but just really dove into: The 5-Day Author Ad Profit Challenge. The challenge coaches authors on how to run Amazon Ads to make a profit. You learn by doing. This means you go […]

Logline, Pitch, Blurb, and Synopsis – What Are the Differences?

By Catherine Dilts Logline, pitch, blurb, synopsis. At some point, you will be required to develop short descriptions of your fiction work. You may find the differences confusing until you understand the purpose of each tool. LOGLINE Logline is also called the “elevator pitch,” or “hook.” It is the briefest […]

Misconceptions of Self-Publishing

By: Margena Holmes In this day and age, there are many ways a writer can become a published author. There’s the traditional way of submitting your work to agents and publishers with no promise of getting accepted. There are independent publishers, where you submit your work and with it being […]

Two Different Approaches to Conference Attendance

By Catherine Dilts My daughter and I embarked on a grand new adventure – collaborative writing. We’re finally digging into that crazy speculative fiction novel we’ve talked about for years. But this article isn’t about our writing project. It’s about our different approaches to attending PPWC 2023. This will be […]

April is National Poetry Month!

By Trista Herring Baughman In 1996, the Academy of American Poets established the largest literary celebration in the world, known as National Poetry Month, to celebrate the integral role of poetry and poets in our culture. This holiday is celebrated in the U.S. and Canada. There are so many benefits […]

Marketing for Introverts – Part 2

By Donna Schlachter Reaching Readers Without Leaving Your House Facebook and Other Social Media Welcome back to the second article in this series. We are exploring ways to participate in marketing our books and services without leaving the comfort of our homes. Or our coffee shops. Or wherever we introverts […]

Rewriting, and Rewriting, and Rewriting…

By Deborah Brewer Writing a novel or even a short story is no small task. A writer has to accept that after that first creative rush of putting their vision into words comes the hard part of crafting it into a coherent, polished work of fiction. On the internet, one […]

Dear Writer, You Need a Hobby

By: Kim Olgren Stephen King does jigsaw puzzles, plays guitar, and bowls. Emily Dickenson loved baking. Agatha Christie traveled with her husband. E. Cummings painted. Jackie Collins is into soul music and photography. Hobbies. Every writer could use one or two. “Why would I need a hobby? Don’t I have […]

Why Pikes Peak Writers Conference?

By Jenny Kate, Director Pikes Peak Writers marked their first conference 30 years ago. Yep, we’re turning 30 in April! At this conference, we’ll actually have an attendee who has attended every single conference since that first one. We’ll also have several PPW members who were around to help stand […]

Write a Novel – Submit to an Anthology

By: Kathie Scrimgeour   What?  At first glance, it makes no sense to write a novel and submit it to an anthology. After all, anthologies are short writings, and novels are long. Here is the long and short of it (pun intended), do both at the same time. Here are […]

Working From Your Future

By J.T. Evans When faced with a deadline, many people wait until the “crunch” at the end to get things done. This usually involves sleepless nights, loads of caffeine, and stressed-out nerves. There’s a way around this. I call it “working from your future.” In essence, don’t front-load the work […]

Read an eBook Week is Coming!

By Trista Herring Baughman Hello, Dear Readers! I want to take a moment to let you know about Read an eBook Week. It is an annual holiday celebrated the first (full) week of March. Its purpose is to inspire readers to grab an eBook and writers to choose eBook platforms […]

A Writer’s Room is More Than a Place

By Deborah Brewer I have enjoyed visiting a few writers’ home museums on my travels. Samuel Clemens’ (Mark Twain) study, in Hartford, Connecticut, sports a billiard table. One does need some non-writing time to think. Ernest Hemmingway’s study in Key West, Florida, feels like a tree house. An elevated gangway […]

Marketing for Introverts – Part 1

Connecting with Readers Where They Are By Donna Schlachter Extroverts—don’t roll your eyes and tune out. You can get something from this new series, too. Introverts—stop rolling your eyes. Marketing is something that needs to be done if you want your books to sell, your message to reach its intended […]

Gaining CON-fidence at Comic Cons

By Margena Holmes Like most authors, I’m an introvert. I will figure out a way to not have to talk to people face-to-face, preferring to email or text people rather than even talk on the phone. So going to a Comic Con is probably the last place an introvert like […]

Recipe for a Cozy Mystery

By Trista Herring Baughman Frost-covered windowpanes, a warm snuggly blanket in my favorite sitting spot, and a steaming cup of cocoa can only mean one thing (at least for this article’s purpose)–Winter is here!–and that always puts me in a cozy mystery mood.   I love cozy mysteries: Murder She Wrote […]

Copyright and Song Lyrics

Name That Tune – But Don’t Quote the Lyrics

By: Deborah Brewer – Songs and poems are very much a part of our lives, so it’s little wonder we might want to include inspirational songs in our stories. Their words are part of our culture; they resonate in our hearts. May you name that inspiring tune in your story? […]

Pikes Peak Writers Anthologies

CONGRATULATIONS to 21 Amazing Authors!

After reading over 150 well-written submissions, the editors have selected the final stories for Pikes Peak Writers’ third anthology, Journeys into Possibility.   Congratulations!! Alicia Cay In Her Reflection April Benson The Journey Robert Spiller The Road to El Tesoro Jean Alfieri How Far is Heaven D.J. Davis Past Possibilities Barbara […]

The Devil in the Details

By Barbara Nickless First Published August 7, 2018 “If you want to get shot,” the SWAT leader said, “go ahead and reach for that gun.” I froze, my hand inches from the pistol lying on the counter. Minutes earlier, I’d been full of bravado. Talking smack with my fellow drug […]

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