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Pandemic Productivity


By: Brittany Lawrence

Have you been less productive lately? Many creatives are feeling your pain. Here are a few ways to get back at it.


You read that right.


The creative brain sometimes needs to slow down. Rest, smell those roses. Many psychologists are calling the Corona pandemic a traumatic social event. And it is. Who here hasn’t been stressed out in the last four months, for any number of reasons?

Give yourself the grace you deserve. Society has trained you to work, work, work. Produce, produce, produce. Media, and even todays social influencers, make everyone look like slackers. The fact is, they have teams of people working to make their single profile as consistent and productive.


Take this time to read. Writers need to read. It’s how you grow as a writer. Let your heart explore why it wanted to become a writer in the first place. It’s also very relaxing. You know, when the author isn’t killing off your favorite character. Looking at you George. . .


While you may be restricted to your home for the time being, do what makes you happy. As a creative you’re bound to have more than one creative outlet. Utilize those other opportunities. Know, when you’re meant to write you will. Let those hobbies inspire you.


Pencil yourself ten minutes a day to write. Don’t overwhelm yourself with large word counts or long hours writing. Start small. Ten minutes is enough time to dip your toes into your work and spiral into hours of muse written genius. Or, you may only get a few words.

It is enough.

Right now, especially, it is enough. Be kind to yourself. You’re characters need you to be kind to yourself. Without you, they don’t exist.

Micro Journal

Writing, any kind of writing, spurs more writing.  It’s the mental version of a bunny. You blink and there are more!

What do you have to lose?

Spend five minutes with a journal and write what comes to mind. Don’t judge yourself. Just feel.

Spend Time with Your Family

You may be tired of these people at this point.

No one will judge you.

Try taking the observation skills you would use at a coffee shop and turn them on your family. What are their ticks? How do they sit? How do they react to winning or losing a game? You will gain some insight into those you live with and, maybe even your characters. If nothing else, you will be making memories with the most important people in your life.


Focus on the physical here and now. Feel your body. Feel how strong it is. Do what you can. Maybe even chair yoga.

When your brain gets the opportunity to focus on the here and now, the subconscious does it’s own thing. That plot tangle will straighten itself out.  


Go outside. Smell the fresh mountain air. Spend some time in the quiet of nature. It doesn’t have to be into the deep woods, though if you can go for it!

Watch the clouds pass by. Hear the birds singing to you from the trees swaying in the breeze. Get back in touch with your senses. Narrate what you see, smell, hear, and feel.

Be kind to yourself. Your creative process will change over time. This is a rough time. You won’t be productive every day. You won’t always feel like it.

Trying is enough.

Find what works for you and know it is enough.

Brittany Lawrence

Brittany A. Lawrence has seventeen years of writing experience under her belt. From self-publishing her first novel at fourteen; to contributing to Felt Tips an erotic anthology, her writing experience is vast. She currently lives in Denver with her husband and tortie, Midnight. You can find her writing as B. A. Lawrence on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pintrest.

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