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Remember Your Why


By: Margena Holmes

When I brought up the idea for this blog to the editor, she was all for it, saying, “Maybe it will motivate others to write their blogs.” And then…nothing. The idea sat in my head but never made it to my fingers and keyboard. For weeks. I felt like I’d let her down because I hadn’t done what I said I was going to do.

My brain didn’t want to think. I had other things on my mind, and I wasn’t even working on my novel during that time, similar to when I couldn’t write at the beginning of the pandemic. How could I find motivation to work on what needed to be done?

Where did I find motivation?

At one time, I found motivation in a Facebook group. In this writers group, everyone is always posting their successes with sales. After a while, I stopped responding to those posts. Why? It wasn’t happening to me (because I suffer from Imposter Syndrome quite often). But why wasn’t it me? Because I lacked the daily habit of writing every day. So, I started to write every day again, even if it was only for a few minutes. Seeing others’ success really got me to sit my butt down in the chair with my cup of tea (a signal to my brain that it’s writing time) and write.

Writers conferences or just reading about the craft will inspire me to write something. I love to learn and if I read something about writing, I like to put it into practice. If you’re having trouble finding your motivation, try reading about the craft or taking an online workshop or conference. It may help you over that hurdle you’ve been stuck behind.

Remember your why.

One thing to help get you out of that hole is to remember your why—your reason for writing. Take a few moments to write down your reasons for writing, whether it’s writing your novel, your article, or your next blog post. There is no right or wrong reason to write, even if it is just to make money to help pay the bills or to be able to quit your job. This was one thing that I needed to do and remember to get back to writing again.

Take things that happen during the day either at home or at your day job to give you that push to keep going. Boss at work get on you again about being two minutes late? Write that down. Are your readers asking when your next book will be out? Put that in big letters where you can see it. Anything to get you excited to write again. They will help remind you why you started writing in the first place, or to give you that kick in the pants to continue working on your stories. If you’ve been stuck in a writing rut, hopefully these ideas will help you to find your reason for writing again and your fingers will be flying on that keyboard with new stories and blogs.

Margena Holmes

Margena Adams Holmes has been writing ever since she can remember, writing her first poem in 1st grade. At her day job, when she’s not kicking young kids out of R-rated movies, she’s sweeping up spilled popcorn from the hallways and aisles (she’s not your mother, though, so please take your trash out). Her days off consist of writing science fiction, short stories, and more movie theater shenanigans. Reading is a close second to writing, and she normally has her nose buried in a book. Her publications are available through her author page. Contact Margena via email:

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