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Sweet Success for Bowen Gillings


Congratulations to Bowen Gillings. His Zebulon Award-Winning short story, 3 Ring Circus, has
become the novel EXCEPTIONALS. The release date is April 2023, just in time for Pikes Peak
Writers Conference 2023!


Federal protection agent Larry Lawson keeps Exceptionals secret, safe, and living ordinary, tax-paying lives out of sight of The Opposition–a cabal bent on exploiting Exceptionals for their own illicit ends. Lone wolf Larry has protected college-girl Julia for over six years. Now she’s the headache-inducing daughter he never had. When he must relocate her again, Julia refuses. She won’t abandon her boyfriend, her record store gig, or her feud with school faculty. Trouble doubles when an Opposition hit team arrives, led by the one man whose knowledge of Larry’s past could shatter everything between him and Julia. Larry will need all his skill–and the help of his jilted,
black-belt ex-fiancĂ©, a teen radical opposed to corporate corn, and the chemically dependent yet oddly resourceful campus custodial crew–to hold on to Julia, confront his demons, and kick some Opposition butt. Purchase a copy via Amazon or Books2Read.


Bowen Gillings is an award-winning author writing to bring the world
more fun. His debut novella, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, reached #9 on Amazon’s Top 100 for
its subgenre. His work is featured in FRESH STARTS and JOURNEYS INTO POSSIBILITY
anthologies and Allegory e-zine. He is an active member and former president of Pikes Peak Writers, a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and The League of Utah Writers. An Army veteran, Bowen loves traveling, cooking, martial arts, and a fine adult beverage. He lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter. Learn more at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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