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Sweet Success for Clifton Brown (aka CB Arnold)


Just in time for Halloween! Clifton Brown’s short story, Dark Pink Carnations: Demon Doom, recently released in the HALLOWEENTHOLOGY: DÍA DE MUERTOS anthology from Wicked Shadow Press. From mind-bending psychological chillers to nerve-shattering supernatural encounters, this anthology offers a wide spectrum of horror, ensuring there’s something to terrify every aficionado. Deep Dive into the Macabre: The stories explore the intricacies of human emotions, the enigmatic supernatural realm, and the universal fears that haunt us all.

ABOUT THE STORY: Now proficient in exercising the powers bestowed him by his first love, Lealu, before she ascended, Jase is ready to hunt the entity that set him on his path as a Descender, or demon hunter. With a strong team and a new love interest, he’s ready to hunt the Demon Lord Tokoloshe, the Corrupter.
With the unique, soul-bound item, the Amulet of Anara, Jase will descend them or destroy their soul forever, something only the amulet’s creator has ever done.
First, he must bind the amulet to his soul, an equally dangerous venture. Pick up your copy (ebook or paperback) from and look for it coming soon on Amazon.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Due to the nature of my experiences in the military, there are many things I cannot discuss. Writing offers me the opportunity to share those experiences without violating my oath. Including those experiences in my stories has proven very cathartic. A romantic at heart, of late, I’ve found I have a penchant for darkness in my writing. Still exploring that. These days I work, live life, and write as much as I can, honing my skills as I go. It’s taken a lifetime, but I’ve finally found a passion other than my wife. She’s still adjusting to it…slowly. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Tribel

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