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Sweet Success for Clifton Brown (aka CB Arnold)!


Congratulations to Clifton Brown (aka CB Arnold). His debut novel, IN THE GHOST’S SHADOW, has been picked up by Wicked Shadow Press. Release date and more information to follow.


College student Mason ‘Brick’ Redstone leads a secret life. He was born with genetic enhancements forcibly induced in his parents and his sister. Partnering with his secret crush, Tish Owusu, for a major science project initiates a series of events that will either push Brick to discover the secret of controlling the forces of chaos and creation or descend him into madness.

A mercenary abducts Brick to convert him and learn his secrets while Tish and his sister, Mara, try to save him. Will they find him in time? When they do, will he want to be rescued?

Join Brick, his friends, and family in their first adventure full of action, warm-to-steamy romance, dark subjects and secrets, and finally, redemption. Did I mention the magic sword?

Be warned, the story is for mature audiences and will portray sexual situations and limited but graphic scenes of violence and abuse.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Due to the nature of my experiences in the military, there are many things I cannot discuss. Writing offers me the opportunity to share those experiences without violating my oath. Including those experiences in my stories has proven very cathartic. A romantic at heart, of late, I’ve found I have a penchant for darkness in my writing. Still exploring that. These days I work, live life, and write as much as I can, honing my skills as I go. It’s taken a lifetime, but I’ve finally found a passion other than my wife. She’s still adjusting to it…slowly. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Tribel

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