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Sweet Success for Debbie Burke!


Hurrah for Debbie Burke. DEEP FAKE DOUBLE DOWN, the eighth book in the award-
winning Tawny Lindholm Thriller series, recently released from Media Management LLC. It is
available in eBook and paperback.


In the sinister world of deep fake videos, even the innocent can appear guilty of crimes. Investigator Tawny Lindholm and her attorney-husband Tillman Rosenbaum tryto protect an unjustly accused woman and soon learn video can be faked but death is real. Torn from today’s headlines, this timely psychological thriller explores what is truth and what is illusion in the age of artificial intelligence. Purchase a copy through Amazon, Books2Read, or ask your favorite independent bookseller to order.


Debbie Burke credits her win in mystery/thriller category at 2016 PPWC as the push over the edge to publication. She has since published eight books in her Tawny Lindholm Thriller series. The eighth book, DEEP FAKE DOUBLE DOWN, launched on April 25. She continues to blog at The Kill Zone, an award-winning site for crime writers and readers. Visit her at and follow her on Twitter.

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