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Sweet Success for Jack Meyer!


Hooray! Jack Meyer recently released IN DEFENSE OF THE GRID (November 1, 2023), a novella thriller in the vein of his first WAYWARD PATRIOT novel. This self-published work was designed for people to get a taste of his writing and to learn more about him, as an author. He wrote the short work with the intention of making it available to readers at no cost. As in his debut novel, WAYWARD PATRIOT: PRESERVING THE VOTE, Meyer delves into an interesting topic that readers may have heard about but have little knowledge of.

ABOUT THE BOOK Tony Nestler has spent the last two years trying to get the attention of his President. She needs to understand the vulnerability of the nation’s power grid.

It’s a complex problem that will take time to work through but the consequences of ignoring the risk could cause the death of most of the population of the United States of America within a year. Nestler, the Secretary of Energy in the Werner Administration, is seemingly making great strides in helping people to understand the risk that adversaries and even our sun pose to our electric grid…but it appears time has run out. Pick up a free copy at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jack Meyer’s writing deals with people who consider themselves patriots, stepping over ethical lines and creating catastrophic consequences. Avoiding having his books become an extension of the divisiveness in our country, his characters have a variety of political perspectives. His stories are not about political ideology but about ethical and moral dilemmas that come with a strong desire to do what’s “best” for one’s country. 

People relate to Meyer’s characters. They’re “everyday” people who become entangled in situations that they could never imagine. His stories challenge the reader to ask, “What would I do?” if I found myself there. Follow the author on Facebook and Twitter/X.

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