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Sweet Success for Jack Meyer!


Congratulations to Jack Meyer! His debut novel, WAYWARD PATRIOT: PRESERVING THE
VOTE, released April 19 in conjunction with Patriots’ Day, the celebration of the Colonies’ first
win over England in the battle of Lexington and Concord. A local book signing event in early
April kicked off the promotional rollout of the book and was followed by a soft launch with
access to the book online. A promotional launch capped the big rollout in late April. The book
was initially released in paperback. eBook versions and a hardcover option will be available in


The nation breathes a sigh of relief as a new, entirely secure voting system restores public confidence in election integrity. However, when corporate manager Brad Tillman discovers evidence that a vote has been manipulated, his world is turned upside down. Somebody knows what Brad has discovered, and now he’s a target for murder. Tillman works as a numbers guy for the cybersecurity firm that developed the new election system. Following the death of his best friend and colleague, he finds evidence that a recent special election has been manipulated and begins to doubt that his friend’s demise was accidental. Suddenly, he finds himself completely out of his element and on the run as he tries to find the truth about who is behind the chaos. He must probe carefully, question his assumptions and sort out facts from his own biases along the way. Purchase a copy from Amazon or other booksellers worldwide.


Jack Meyer is a retired businessman and now a debut author, In the
past, much of his writing has been political commentary for online publications. As he delves into writing fiction, a political backdrop for his debut novel is a natural extension. Jack and his wife, Barbara, divide their time between their homes in Colorado Springs and Tucson. He stays busy remodeling his homes, with golf, and writing his next book in the Wayward Patriot series. Visit him at and follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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