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Sweet Success for Josh Clark


Three cheers for Josh Clark! Once again, he has designed another fantastic cover for Pikes Peak
Writers’ third anthology, Journeys into Possibility (Spring 2023). The entire anthology team is so
proud of the work Josh has done for them. His eye for detail and design made this a fantastic


Now that the past few years are behind us it’s time to come out and play! Are you ready to go on a journey to a place you have never been before? What would you like to do?

Maybe a swim with dolphins, meet strange new creatures, or see John Dillinger behind bars? You could take a trip through time, visit a new planet, or hop on a train worn with memories. The possibilities are just a page away.

So, strap in and get comfortable as we travel into the imaginative realm of possibilities. Together, we will journey into all things possible and impossible. Once you’ve been there and back again, you won’t be quite the same.


Josh Clark is a writer, graphic designer, and bookseller. His short fiction has been published by Pikes Peak Writers, Black Hare Press, and Trembling with Fear, and received a Silver Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest. As a graphic designer, Josh has worked at the Professional Bull Riders, a local newspaper, an automotive advertising agency, and as a freelancer. His life is filled with words professionally and recreationally, so if he’s not writing or reading you’re likely to find him at author events, science fiction conventions, writing conferences, or out in nature brainstorming his next novel. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


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