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Sweet Success for Kendra Merritt


Congratulations to Kendra Merritt on the release of her YA fantasy, Skin Deep, releasing from Blue Frye Press April 1, 2019.

Skin Deep (A Mark of the Least Novel) by [Merritt, Kendra]

Cursed for a youthful accident which maimed a young woman, Léon Beauregard roams his mountain as a bear, clinging to the scraps of his humanity. But when he comes across an enchanter scarred from an accident she doesn’t remember, she promises to free him.

As the graceful young woman studies his curse, Léon begins to realize she is much more than just a passing enchanter. She’s the one he’s falling in love with. And she is the one whose life he ruined. When bodies show up mauled by a large animal, Léon has more to hide and everything to lose if Anwen ever learns the truth about the monster inside him.

Kendra Merritt
Kendra Merritt

Kendra Merritt is an author and avid reader living in Denver with her very tall husband, their book loving progeny, and a big black monster masquerading as a service dog.

She writes familiar stories from unfamiliar points of view, highlighting heroes with disabilities. Her first book, By Wingéd Chair, is a retelling of Robin Hood where Maid Marion kicks butt from a wheelchair.

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