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Sweet Success for Lainey La Shay!


Cheers for Lainey La Shay! Her new book, MORE THAN A SURVIVOR, recently released.
This devotional and journal is focused on trauma and abuse survivors, and is created to help
them walk along the path toward healing.


I never expected trauma to enter my life, and I know that you never
thought it would be a part of yours. Yet here we are, you and I, standing at the beginning of a long journey called healing. It may look like a long, dry, and dusty desert stretching before you, but I want you to know that you don’t have to make this journey alone.

Within these pages you’ll find:
– Daily Devotionals
– Encouragement- Prayers
– A Dot Journal
– Coloring Pages

This devotional and journal, created with you in mind, can be a safe place to process your heart while you walk this road to healing. Remember, you are so loved. You are strong and courageous. And you are more than a survivor. Pick up a copy here.


Lainey La Shay is a writer who shines light on the deep issues of life and relationships. She boldly shares her own experiences to bring hope to others and bring awareness to issues that are difficult to discuss, such as domestic violence. While she can’t show you her face or tell you her real name, she is passionate about being a champion for those who have faced insurmountable odds, and wants to help them – to help YOU – come out the other side standing tall. Visit the author at and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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