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Sweet Success for Mike Torreano!


Hats off to Mike Torreano! The Wild Rose Press is excited to announce the publication of FIREFLIES AT DUSK. This is the first historical novel from award-winning Colorado author Mike Torreano after his four traditional Western mysteries. FIREFLIES AT DUSK explores the tumultuous historical era before and during the Civil War, including the Underground Railroad, pacifism, and the tensions the war produced within families. The story revolves around the question, ‘Can you lose your soul and regain it?’

ABOUT THE BOOK: As the Civil War looms, a young Ohio farm boy comes face to face with the injustice of slavery—an evil that tears at his very soul. In his callow youth, he rejects his family’s pacifism after runaways are cruelly seized from his Quaker meeting house. His anger causes him to turn his back on everyone who ever loved him. When the War breaks out, Jonathan joins the Union Army, making this rift complete. Will he ever turn back to his family, his sweetheart, and his faith? Or has Jonathan drifted so far away that he can’t find his way back? Purchase copies from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bookbub.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Torreano is an award-winning author of four traditional Western mysteries set in the Colorado and New Mexico Territories. In the fifth grade, he read his first Zane Grey novel and has been hooked on the Old West ever since. All of his westerns have been published by The Wild Rose Press, with the most recent, WHITE SANDS GOLD, winning four awards. His first historical novel, FIREFLIES AT DUSK, is due out in November from The Wild Rose Press. For more information, visit the author at and follow him on Facebook, Bookbub, Goodreads, and Linkedin.

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