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Sweet Success for Pete Klismet


By: Darby Karchut

Congratulations to PPW member Pete Klismet on the release of his latest book: Profiling Violent Crimes: A Behavioral and Forensic Approach by Peter M. Klismet and Dr. Clarissa Cole

Profiling Violent Crime, By: Peter M. Klismet, Jr. and Dr. Clarissa Cole.

About the Book:  What do you get when you combine knowledge from a veteran FBI profiler (with 30 years of hands-on experience) and a PhD psychologist who has evaluated hundreds of violent offenders in 10 years with the California Department of Corrections?These two experts have teamed up for a one-of-a-kind textbook – which is suitable for all readers. Already the reviews have been outstanding. 

Students and readers will learn what it’s like to be on the ground as an FBI profiler, dispelling myths and detailing the actual process. Subsequent chapters detail crime scene analysis; determining of the type of offender who may be at work; the fascinating interplay between mental illness and criminality; and breakdowns of the various types of criminal offenders including stalkers, murderers, rapists, mass murderers, and serial killers. The book also offers multiple real-life case examples to shed further light into the mind of violent criminals.

The book is available from Cognella Press and Amazon.

Pete Klismet

About the Author:  Peter M. Klismet, Jr. holds a master’s degree in criminal justice from California Lutheran University and another in public administration from the University of Southern California. He is a former agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and was one of the first formally-trained psychological profilers within the Agency. He served in law enforcement for over thirty years before joining the faculty at Pikes Peak Community College as an associate professor of criminal justice, going on to chair the department. He is now the founder and director of Criminal Profiling Associates, a law enforcement consulting company.

Darby Karchut

Sweet Success is coordinated by Darby Karchut who is an award-winning author, dreamer, and compulsive dawn greeter. A proud native of New Mexico, she now lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where she runs in blizzards and bikes in lightning storms.
If you have a Sweet Success to share please contact her via email.

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