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Sweet Success for Sandi Hoover and Jim Tritten


Congratulations to Sandi Hoover and Jim Tritten! MIRTH AND MUSINGS (Red Penguin Book, 2021), an anthology containing the written work of the authors, was the winner in the 2022 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards in the category of anthologies.

Mirth and Musings cover


MIRTH AND MUSINGS in the same book? Join the award-winning writing team of Sandi Hoover and Jim Tritten in their fifth collaboration as they explore what makes us laugh and a few even serious essays on such subjects as running away from home when overwhelmed. You will never again go into a sauna without feeling Jim’s experiences after you read Saunagus nor have a stranger as an extended guest after learning Sandi’s lessons in There’s a Diva in the House. These ten chapters are sure to entertain you and perhaps challenge your preconceived notion of what makes the perfect woman. Purchase a copy of the anthology from BoookLink


The award-winning writing team of Sandi Hoover and Jim Tritten reside in New Mexico and have collaborated on six projects. Follow Sandi on Facebook and follow Jim on Facebook, too.

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