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Sweet Success for Scott Brendel!


Great news! Scott Brendel’s short story, “The Caretaker,” has been accepted for publication in a new anthology called BEHIND THE SHADOWS, scheduled for publication this September from Inkd Publishing. To help promote it, the publisher asked the authors to do a brief reading from the stories to post on its Facebook page. You can see Scott’s amazing reading here.


This anthology, filled with a collection of diverse horror stories and authors, is the latest from Inkd Publishing.



Due to the nature of my experiences in the military, there are many things I cannot discuss. Writing offers me the opportunity to share those experiences without violating my oath. Including those experiences in my stories has proven very cathartic. A romantic at heart, of late, I’ve found I have a penchant for darkness in my writing. Still exploring that. These days I work, live life, and write as much as I can, honing my skills as I go. It’s taken a lifetime, but I’ve finally found a passion other than my wife. She’s still adjusting to it…slowly. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Tribel

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