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Sweet Success for January 2016


January 29, 2016

Zara West’s romantic suspense novel Beneath the Skin (325 pages, e-book and paperback), will be published in early 2016 by Wild Rose Publishing. Keep an eye out for future announcements at and her website

January 22, 2016

Tena Stetler’s novella, Charm Me (ISBN:  978-1-5092-0467-0, e-book, 80 pages), will release just in time for Valentine’s Day. Her paranormal romance will publish January 6, 2016 by The Wild Rose Press. Available at Amazon. Preorders are now available.

January 15, 2016

Shannon Lawrence’s horror short story, “The Blue Mist”, in the anthology The Deep Dark Woods (ISBN 978-0692565070, 148 pages), was released by Revolving Door Press on October 25, 2015. It is available in e-book and paperback at Smashwords, Amazon, Createspace, and Barnes & Noble.

January 8, 2016

Kristi Lloyd’s short story, The Hut of Yasmine Babushka, was released October 2015 in the e-magazine Quantum Fairy Tales, Lucky Issue #13 by Quantum Fairy Tales publishing. It is available at

Join us here to celebrate the writing and publishing successes of fellow PPW members. When the sweet smile of success shines on you, but sure to let us know!

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