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What to Write When You Don’t Know What to Write About


I’m sitting in a coffee shop with a cute pink notebook, my computer, a yummy scone, and a warm cup of coffee next to me. You know the scene, blank page, soft hum of voices and the espresso machine in the background. Seven thoughts on How to Generate Writing Ideas

Thoughts of what to write when you don’t know what to write dancing through my head. Hmm…

After a few scribbles and head scratches, I have jotted down seven thoughts on how to generate writing ideas for you all. You can use these ideas to kick start some creative juices, or find the subject for your next blog post.

My first thought is to use your Google search bar. An old, yet familiar internet search tool, right?

Type in writing ideas. The first thing that popped up for me was, write about a person who grows a new finger every time he/she acts cruelly to someone. Ok, maybe not that.

You’ll come across a wide range of creative writing ideas, writing prompts, and short story ideas.

My second thought is to teach your reader how to do something.

You all know that person who always asks you how to do something. I know for me, it’s always knitting or something creative. Why not write it out for them? How to articles rank really well in SEO. You all know what that is, but if you don’t, hit up your Google search bar. Your life long writing partner.

My third thought is to visit the various forums in the industry of which you’d like to write in.

Look for the popular topics that people are getting a ton of post likes. Those posts are what people are curious about.
I’ve often wondered what writing bloggers are talking about. See what the industry is writing about, then come up with your own take on the same topic.

My fourth thought is to write a sequel to a popular post that you’ve written or someone else has.

It will be new and fresh and Google has already recognized its existence. Again, we don’t want to copy or take away (steal) the information the author has written. However, if it’s your work, well, it’s yours, baby. Write On!

My fifth thought is to write about your experiences.

We’ve all had hard times, fun time, tragedies, or accomplishments in our lives. There’s a lesson in any experience. You will find that one person that needed to read it that day. Your life is worth reading about. So, write about it.

My sixth thought is to interview someone successful.

Whether it be industry related or someone who inspires you in whatever way, you can do it through an email, guest on your blog with a Q & A, or in person. Readers are always interested in reading about those successes and finding what relates to their own life or situation.

My seventh and final thought is to read or review a great book.

We all have them. Those books that we are finally able to finish. That final sentence leaves us feeling fulfilled. An amazing book, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, is worthy of a review.

That’s what your readers want to read about. That one book that may change their life, motivate them, encourage them, empower them to go to the next level in whatever capacity. The kind of book that they need to unplug from life with.

There you have it.

My coffee cup is almost empty, my scone has a few bites left, and my notebook is filled with writing ideas. What is it about writing in a coffee shop that inspires a writer to write? You all should try it.

Hey, that should be a blog post.

Friends, I wish you the best in finding that one thing to write about. Because, anything that comes to your mind is worth writing about. Your readers will appreciate you for being authentic.

Write On!

Deb Buckingham headshotDeb Buckingham is a long time member of Pikes Peak Writers and a published author of two successful knitting books, Dishcloth Diva and Dishcloth Diva Knits On. She writes for her own blog, and her artistic side is part of her every day. Deb is a creative photographer whose passion is “shooting” creatives in their own studios. She enjoys reading a well written novel. 

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