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Wow. Another year has gone by in a flash. So many things have happened this year here at PPW: our first anthology, Fresh Starts was published, Sweet Success recognized over 50 newly published authors, we had an incredible virtual conference, and so much more! Are you looking to be more […]

Writing in the Midst of Life

By: Donna Schlachter Sometimes it seems as though we are inundated with writing help, encouragement to write, conferences to attend, deadlines to meet. And all of those are good. They keep us focused, energized, equipped, and reminded of what’s important. But what happens when life gets in the way? No […]

What Just Happened?

An Incomplete Journey of a NaNoWriMo Newbie – Part 2 By: Benjamin X. Wretlind Journal Entry: NaNoWriMo 2021 Day 1: And So It Begins… The alarm went off at 4 AM with a note: “NaNoWriMo Wake Up.” Right. I said I was going to do that. After coffee, a look […]

Be a Magpie

By: Trista Herring Baughman Or a Raven. Or a Rook. Even a crow. Any of the corvids will do. These perspicacious creatures are said to be fascinated by shiny things. Your ‘shiny things’ as a writer are ideas. Keep an ear and eye out for peculiar sayings, idiosyncrasies, uncommon names, […]

Happy Day!

From the Editor Here in the U.S. we are about ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is a time that we come together to celebrate our families and friends. For me, and my family, we get together to out cook and out eat one another. Unlike the families in the comics, […]

What Just Happened?

An Incomplete Journey of a NaNoWriMo Newbie – Part 1 By: Benjamin X. Wretlind Journal Entry: NaNoWriMo 2021 T-Minus 38 Days: The Decision The National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting creative writing. Its main program is an annual event in which crazy people attempt to […]


By: Kathie Scrimgeour Are you doing NaNo? Do you know what day it is? How are your fingers holding up? Had a shower recently? Where is your family? Are you a Wrimo? Odd questions? Maybe not. Here’s one more: Did you hit 25,000 today? If you haven’t already heard, NaNoWriMo, […]

Dear Writer, You Need a Hobby

By: Kim Olgren Stephen King does jigsaw puzzles, plays guitar, and bowls. Emily Dickenson loved baking. Agatha Christie traveled with her husband. E. Cummings painted. Jackie Collins is into soul music and photography. Hobbies. Every writer could use one or two. “Why would I need a hobby? Don’t I have […]

A Passion for THIS Story

By: Donna Schlachter (previously published in Writing Nuggets of Gold) In a recent conversation with my agent, she mentioned she talks to editors occasionally who are looking for a specific book to fit a particular publishing slot. My response? “If you get any requests, let me know. Maybe I can […]

NaNoWriMo – Not Just for Aspiring Authors

By: Catherine Dilts NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – is primarily touted as an exercise to drive aspiring authors to write 50,000 words. Hitting that goal may mean completion of a novel draft for the very first time. At the very least, NaNoWriMo inspires confidence that hitting The End […]

19 Days ’til Halloween

By: Trista Herring Baughman Countdown to the most spectacular time of the year-the Spooky Season crowning moment-has begun.  If I’m honest, it started last year on October 32nd. (Yes, that’s a thing. Didn’t you know? ;)) Take a deep breath. Do you smell that? The cool night air brings with […]

Creating Atmosphere with Atmosphere

By: Benjamin X. Wretlind For 20 years or so, I studied the atmosphere and forecasted the weather. While I spent a vast majority of my time on the training side of the house, I was nevertheless embedded in all things weather. So when I read a book or watch a […]

Remember Your Why

By: Margena Holmes When I brought up the idea for this blog to the editor, she was all for it, saying, “Maybe it will motivate others to write their blogs.” And then…nothing. The idea sat in my head but never made it to my fingers and keyboard. For weeks. I […]

Writing Under Deadlines

By; Donna Schlachter (previously published in Writing Nuggets of Gold) There are two kinds of deadlines. In the writing world, there are two kinds of deadlines: the ones imposed by others; and the ones imposed by you. The deadlines that others set for you in your writing might include a […]

Roving Body Parts

By: Terry Odell I recently read a blog with a firm stance on how to deal with body parts. I don’t entirely agree. I don’t have trouble with figures of speech, and if I’m reading that a character ‘flew down the block to John’s house’ I don’t see her mid-air. […]

Never Enough Time to Write — or is there?

By Donna Schlachter It seems there is never enough time to do all the things I want to do. With seven days in a week, twenty-four hours in a day, seems like I should have lots of spare time. I don’t suppose anyone else finds the same problem? No, I […]

Proofing the Proof

There is more to proofing a book than just reading the story. By: Darby Karchut At some point in every writer’s career, you’ll be asked to proof a final version of your work.Sure, you’ll have various editors doing this, but you’ll need to be a part of it, too. After […]

Beware the “ING” Construction

Time Warps. Misplaced Modifiers. By; Terry Odell You don’t have to read science fiction to run into a time warp. At the very first writer’s conference I attended, an agent said she would reject a query with more than 1 sentence beginning with the “ing” construction. Her explanation—it’s too easy […]

Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

By Leeann Betts (excerpt from Nuggets of Writing Gold) I keep promising myself that one of these years, I’m going to enjoy summer. Instead of spending the months of June, July, and August cooped up indoors writing and revising and researching, I’m going to spend the time in a mountain […]

Who Wants to be the Indented Author?

By: John B. Roberts, II Surf camp in Costa Rica is a funny place to realize you need a co-author. I was unsuccessfully trying to learn to stand up on a surfboard when my wife called to say an acquiring editor wanted to see an old book proposal. After passing […]

Why Writers Need Newsletters

By Christina Lorenzen Most writers spend hours every day on social media, whether Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Spending so much time, one would think social media platforms are the best way to keep in touch with readers. However, with the good there is always the bad and social media is […]

Find Your Story

By: Leeann Betts. Without considering genre, time period, or elevator pitch, ask yourself, “What do I write?”

Tension and Cliffhangers

By: Terry Odell When we’re writing, we want the reader to keep turning pages. There are lots of ways to do this. Donald Maass speaks of “microtension” where every sentence makes the reader want to know what’s going to happen next. According to Maass, the tension, the friction, make the […]