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NaNoWriMo – Is it Cheating?

My NaNoWriMo journey began in 2011, with the drafting of my novel Roadside Zoo. I participated four more years. I did not NaNo in 2016 […]

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Happy Birthday to Dr. Robert Cole

Dr. Robert Cole’s advice about listening applies to reading as well. Do you “listen” to what you’ve written? Robert Coles is a child psychiatrist, professor […]

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NaNoWriMo vs YOU!

Are you ready to rummmmble? Or at least ready to knock National Novel Writing Month out of the park? Your resident writing cheerleader is here […]

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You’re Doing WHAT in November?

November. Cooler weather, crisp leaves, pumpkin spiced everything, and that crazy time of year called National Novel Writing Month, affectionately called NaNoWriMo—easier to say, too. […]

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The Virtue of Childishness

When I was younger, I told anyone who asked (and many who didn’t) that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I […]

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Finding Your Motivation and Muse

Motivation and muse are tricky things. Sometimes they are discovered through careful planning or trial and error. Sometimes they hit you like a freight train […]

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Letter from the Editor – October 2018

Dear PPW Readers, Welcome to October. This month is, traditionally, the beginning of the fall season. A time to get ready for winter. Put the […]

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Confucius’ Birth Anniversary

Today is the Birth Anniversary of Confucius, who would be 2,568 years old. Confucius was born on or about the equivalent of September 28, 551 […]

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Hitting “Publish”

As a self-published author, I find it’s sometimes a scary thing when you are doing it all on your own. You have to make sure […]

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Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop Celebrates 70

I am a perfectionist and a scaredy-cat. ~Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop Today Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop celebrates her 70th birthday. Elizabeth has published children’s, young adult, picture […]

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Proofing the Proof

There is more to proofing a book than just reading the story. At some point in every writer’s career, you’ll be asked to proof a […]

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Writing is Art – Open for Submissions

One of the hardest parts of writing is submitting, whether to contests, agents, or magazines. Without submitting, you never know what you can achieve. Finding […]

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Your Niche in Historical Fiction

By: Jason Henry Evans Hello, gentle reader. This month on the historical fiction blog, I am writing about finding your niche in historical fiction. You’ve […]

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Write Brain with Stant Litore

Write Worlds Your Readers Won’t Forget On Tuesday, August 21st, author Stant Litore presented a workshop on world-building at PPW’s monthly Write Brain event. Using […]

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Out of Focus

By: Deb Buckingham, Contributing Editor As someone who shoots people (I know where your mind went), I often think of ways to marry terms from […]

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Stephen Fry Celebrates 61

Today, August 24, 2018, Stephen Fry celebrates his 61st birthday. “An original idea. That can’t be too hard. The library must be full of them” […]

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Your Historical Villain

So, you’ve got a great idea for a story of historical fiction. You know who the protagonist is. You know who their sidekick is and […]

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Facebook Algorithms and Author Pages

How does Facebook’s algorithm change affect my author page? Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement on his Facebook page in January about changes in the Facebook […]

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Happy Birthday Suzanne Collins

Today, August 10th, Suzanne Collins celebrates her 56th birthday. Suzanne Collins, a television writer and novelist, is Amazon’s best selling author of all time. She’s […]

The Devil in the Details

by: Barbara Nickless “If you want to get shot,” the SWAT leader said, “go ahead and reach for that gun.” I froze, my hand inches […]

Pen Drop Picks Contest Opens Tomorrow

Readers, today we share with you a new writing contest, courtesy of The Pen Drop Coffee Break Meetup and local author and Pikes Peak Writers member […]

We Want Your Workshops!

by: M.B. Partlow Pikes Peak Writers just unveiled their brand new workshop proposal portal, and we are open for business, looking for your proposals! What […]