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September Write Brain


By: Debbie Lane

Write Brain PPW

What do agents look at first when receiving query letters? How should you go about deciding if you should or shouldn’t sign with an agent?  These were among the questions asked at this month’s Write Brain event, where an experienced panel offered insights on how to skillfully maneuver the path from writing to successful publication.

Agents Lesley Sabga and Sara Megibow, along with freelance editor James Persichetti, answered a multitude of questions on the do’s and don’ts of the query process, and beyond.  Along with personal horror stories and stories of client success, they supplied a helpful and humorous look at the working relationship between writers, agents and editors.

The overwhelming amount of competition to be discovered may seem enormous, but I was encouraged by Sara’s confident reminder that quality of work is the key to overcoming the saturation of the market.

If you missed this Write Brain plan on joining us in October for How to Read Like a Writer. October 14, 2019 – 6:15pm to 8:15pm. Get the details here.

Debbie Lane lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, three children, and two spoiled cats. She enjoys arts and crafts, and writing.  As the mother of two children with autism, she has discovered the value of humor and a positive outlook on life, and strives to reflect this in her stories. Having always been an avid reader, she feels honored to follow in the footsteps of her literary heroes as she now works to become the best writer she can be.

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