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Sweet Success for Jerilyn Winstead!


Exciting news! Jerilyn Winstead just signed a publishing deal with Line by Lion Publishers, a publisher who specializes in unusual books. Her debut novel, ENCYCLOPEDIA MAGICA: VOLUME 1–ALCHEMY, releases fall of 2023.


Part real potions textbook, part interactive novel and puzzle workbook, ENCYCLOPAEDIA MAGICA probably escaped the Restricted Section of some hidden magic school. Here’s your chance to take a real beginning potions class. But take care, it is rumored that there is something terribly wrong with this ancient tome maybe perhaps you shouldn’t open it…


Jerilyn Winstead is an author/entrepreneur, having founded two mermaid businesses where she wore many hats and tails. With her new business, Burrowgroves, Jerilyn is writing her own novels and offering professional ghostwriting and editing services. She grew up in Brazil, Indiana, and Chicago, then in St. Louis she got married and had four kids in a row – still not sure what happened. In 2000 the Winsteads moved to Colorado, where they enjoy homesteading in Colorado Springs and traveling the world. Jerilyn also spins yarn and knits mushrooms and mandrakes. She participates in LARP and medieval re-enactment and collects hobbies. Visit Jerilyn at and follow her on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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