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Sweet Success for M.E. Delaney!


Hooray for M.E. Delaney! After nearly four years in the void, she has finally surfaced with her
debut novel, PLAIN SIGHT. This psychological thriller was released in February of this year.



Dr. Simon Brust, an uptight professor and rising star in immunology
research at Yale has blind spots when it comes to relationships. During a fall, he smacks his head on pavement and, concussed, meets Alex. She’s a vivacious, free spirit who dotes as he heals from his injuries. They discover uncanny compatibilities, a perfect match. But Simon still has feelings for Genevieve, his former, sometimes current, lover. He’s so busy helping his mother and researching how cancer hides from the immune system that he misses warning signs. Under pressure from all sides, he must meet the arduous standards for tenure in order to continue his life’s work. But things go awry. Purchase a copy from Books2Read and Amazon.


M. E. Delaney is a psychologist specializing in trauma and anxiety disorders. PLAIN SIGHT is her debut novel. She is finishing a children’s book and writing a second novel.


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